Oscillator Simulation and Design

Today we explore the use of oscillator synthesis software (Genesys) for practical crystal oscillator design, and the impact of the Randall-Hock correction formula on linear open loop analysis accuracy.

References and additional reading:

Description Reference
Oscillator synthesis/simulation software Genesys, Keysight Technologies
Randall and Hock’s IEEE paper (no paywall) General oscillator characterization using linear open-loop S-parameters, Mitch Randall, Terry Hock
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Randall Rhea’s oscillator design webinar Discrete Oscillator Design Tools and Techniques, Randall W. Rhea, presented by Keysight Technologies
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Evaluating and optimizing oscillator performance using Genesys simulation Improving the Vackar Oscillator, QRP Quarterly, Volume 56 Number 1, January 2015, p.20, David White (WN5Y)

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