Single OpAmp Window Comparators

A recent question on the Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange site got me thinking about some interesting window comparator circuits. Here’s how to detect three different input voltage levels with just one op-amp!

References and additional reading:

Description Reference
Simplified window comparators Applications of Operational Amplifiers, Third-Generation Techniques, Jerald G. Graeme, Chapter 4.1.2
Tri Level Voltage Detector LVM821 Datasheet, Texas Instruments, Section 8.2.3

5 thoughts on “Single OpAmp Window Comparators

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  2. You’re awesome, thanks for sharing not only the theoretical insights but also the practical realisation and measurements! Very interesting what ideas those engineers had when there was no way to digitise everything and push it through a microcontroller…

  3. Great analysis of this circuit. I have this book but have forgotten how much knowledge it contains. Thanks so much for reminding us about these lost treasures.

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