RC Filter Design Basics

An introduction to passive and active low pass filters, filter requirements and design concerns, and the evolution from a simple single-pole RC filter to a multi-stage Sallen-Key topology.

Description Reference
Single and dual pole passive RC filters Low Pass Filters, ElectronicsTutorials
Qualitative and quantitative Sallen-Key analysis Analysis of the Sallen-Key Architecture, Texas Instruments
Sallen-Key filter design and operation Sallen-Key 101 Whiteboard Series, Matt Duff, Analog Devices

2 thoughts on “RC Filter Design Basics

  1. GREAT VIDEOS, AND I UNDERSTAND YOU NEED TO REPEAT THE BASICS OVER AN OVER. I have a couple of large circuit encyclopedic “tomes” in my library. One shows Op Amp emulated capacitors, Op Amp emulated coils, and Op Amp emulated resistors. Would those work in the RF realm??? Would the slew rate come into play? How about posting some links to those calculators?? I have a few HP-48s 32K, 64K, and now a 128K with a lot of those equations programmed into them. I started in college with the old HP11. I can’t bring myself to pay $300 for a nostalgic HP11, just yet. I remember people stealing those off jobsites, and I doubt whomever took them could even run an RPN calculator. That is what am used to, I guess. Analog Devives products are rather expensive. I got some Triquint RF transistor samples. I wish they would have parted with a full tube, but no such luck. They only cost about $900 each, but they claim linearity from DC to around 20 or 30GHz!! 73s KI7AQJ

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