Tektronix 485 Oscilloscope Repair

I got a sick Tektronix 485 oscilloscope for cheap on eBay; here is the first of several troubleshooting/repair/restoration videos, in which I attempt to troubleshoot and repair the input attenuator boards.

One thought on “Tektronix 485 Oscilloscope Repair

  1. Dear Craig, at the first I wish you a happy new jear… and I hope that, if you can help me about a big Problem with my Tek 485, will 2016 nice for me too…in Germany !
    The horizontal scope will no more work, I see only in the middle of the CRT, a liting point still.
    I have the service manual, but after many days searcing on the Tek, I can’t find the problem.
    For every help , thank You.

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