MHS-5200A Teardown and Review

After seeing WD5GNR‘s excellent work on reverse engineering the serial protocol for the cheap ebay MHS-5200A arbitrary function generators, I decided to pick one up as a secondary function generator for the lab.

What started as a simple review and teardown video ended with me reverse engineering the entire analog front end to track down the source of some nasty harmonic distortion!

MHS-5200A channel 1 analog front end

MHS-5200A channel 1 analog front end

7 thoughts on “MHS-5200A Teardown and Review

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  4. I have the same generator (MHS-5200a 25 MHz) and at 1 MHz is visible overshot and ringing.
    looking with scope tectronic-50MHz after and before the filter this effect is always present!
    I suppose that the filter is ok but is present some problem of input impedance.
    I have simulated a bessel filter with microcap 10 eval. and the effect is present if input impedance is much low respect to output impedance, while, if equal, this effect disappear!!
    Please look my article on my website for my test on the generator!!

  5. Impressive work guys !!! I just bought a MHS5200 and all the Chineese manufacturer’s “software ” wasn’t included. I have complained to the seller/ manufacturer; they apologized, act confused, but have done nothing for 4 months. Did any of you guys get a CD with your instrument with sogtware you could share with me ? I would simply like to see what the manufacturer actually did ( with Labview??? )
    I will probably follow WD5GNR’s lead and write a PyQt GUI app to control this instrument

  6. Anyone know where to get the software download. Seems, like me, lots of people find the disk is corrupted and the manufacturers websitre no longer has the program download.

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